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I spend a lot of time curiously listening. I'm involved with making new things, making things more meaningful and making experiences more useful. I think of my work as making positive differences in someone's life - which can mean making it easier to shop, more enjoyable to communicate or quicker to pay a bill. But it has also saved someone's job, provided encouragement to finish a degree and saved a product line from demise.

I empathize with people, and study them by listening, observing, hypothesizing and measuring their behavior, patterns, attitudes and values. Where business is concerned with creating value and changing behavior to impact revenue; my job is to articulate and advocate for users and consumers, inform insights and bring clarity.

I work across life-cycles: exploring|discovering, designing|making, marketing|selling, engaging|supporting. I move between physical, digital and experiential, deep diving into industry verticals and problem spaces. I thrive with diverse teams in fast-paced environments. My love for change has created my breadth of experience.

In-depth interviews, contextual inquiries, ethnographic studies, longitudinal and diary studies, online or remote UX and concept testing, personas, journey mapping, heuristic evaluation and focus groups.