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Non Profit Donor Engagement
Non Profit Donor Engagement

Challenge A local Portland non-profit was seeking to understand how to more fully engage donors with their vision and goals around increasing kindergarten enrollment.

Process I worked closely with the business manager and a quantitative researcher to develop a survey and discussion guide. We used the donor emailing list to invite participants to take a survey and/or meet for a 60 minute, in-person interview. After interviewing 30 participants and collecting survey data for 100+ participants we synthesized the data and constructed a user story with actionable recommendations.

Outcome The resulting findings provided the non-profit with prioritized, concrete examples of improvements they could make to their informational materials, website, and social media accounts. Contextual data about who donors are, what they feel inspired by and what they wished they could change provided guiding principals for developing two new engagement initiatives.

My Role As the lead qualitative researcher, I had final approval on the discussion guide and provided thematic analysis of the qualitative data. I presented the final report to our client. I scheduled the individual interviews and paid incentives. As a co-partner with the quantitative researcher, we worked together to see the bigger data story by corelating and contrasting the quant/qual data. We also worked collaboratively on constructing the findings report.