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Challenge A logistics software company was beginning to feel pressure from start-ups in the load board app space. While the company new its products and the data analysis behind them, it knew very little about the challenges and lives of their users, mostly long-haul truckers and brokers. I was hired to lead a variety of mixed-methods research to help the company better align to their customers needs.

Process A variety of prototypes were constructed including new features for three of the companies products. UX tests were built into Userzoom. A recruitment survey was built in Surveygizmo, and emailed to all of our customers who would be attending the MATS2019 conference that year, asking them to sign up for a ux test and/or a 60 minute interview. The discussion guide for the interviews was constructed, with many cross-functional stakeholders feedback. Using a reserved room at the conference, customers completed ux tests and interviews. All sessions were recorded, customers received an amazon gift card for their time. Additional customers were recruited from our booth, and sent over to complete ux tests. The data was synthesized and developed into a findings document.

Outcomes The findings led to changes in the feature set for 2 mobile apps, and the broader findings around trucker lives were used for both strategic marketing campaigns and the revival of a product that would have been sunset as the company had lost faith in its value.

My Role As the lead researcher on a design team, I worked collaboratively to handle recruitment and scheduling of interviews. I designed the survey, UX tests, and discussion guide for the interviews. I conducted 10 interviews with long haul truckers who were intercepted at our booth at the MATS2019 conference. two UX designers on my team conducted the ux tests, we all synthesized the various data types and I facilitated a workshop with my design team to further enrich the findings. I presented the findings across the organization to a diverse set of stakeholders.