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Communities - Field Research
Communities - Field Research

Link to full findings report from this work: here

Challenge: Disc golf is an engaging sport. Players form close knit local communities around courses and organized events. Player engagement is steadily increasing with a sharp increase in 2020 as Covid restrictions encouraged many to seek inexpensive, outdoor activities. More players creates challenges in course overcrowding, tournament entry restrictions, and widening differences in player experiences (pro/am/rec). This foundational research was conducted during a sabbatical period (April 12 - July 9). The work uncovered trends, opportunities and challenges to scaling the sport and provides recommendations for improving the disc golf community.

Process: I developed a plan for the work, invited industry stakeholders to guide questions. I procured funding support for incentives, and worked with local disc golf organizations to promote this work. I conducted all of the field interviews, took notes and analyzed the findings using thematic analysis. I refined a slide deck of findings, and shared the data widely by presenting to a variety of interested groups internal to disc golf, product designers at Mozilla and other research groups.

Outcome: Several actionable insights were uncovered about disc golf and communities in general. Insights spanned marketing & branding opportunities, new product ideas, enhancements of existing apps and websites, and new product areas to explore. The problem spaces uncovered also generated three product innovation ideas for Mozilla (the company I worked for at the time). The learnings from this work continue to inspire and direct strategy for Mozilla initiatives.

My Role: I was a team of one for this project. I developed the research plan, invited advice and feedback, procured financial support, conducted the fieldwork, paid incentives, analyzed the findings, and presented the recommendations and results.