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Trustworthy Technology
Trustworthy Technology

Challenge: Technology tools and our online experiences contain a level of risk from privacy and security threats that may not be completely understood by the majority of users. Our team wanted to understand how parents and adolescents under 18 think about threats and risks online, who they trust with their data, and explore their views on the future of the internet.

Process: Parents in the US were recruited to complete a survey including an interactive activity and follow-up interviews were conducted remotely. Adolescents were recruited using a recruitment partner, and remote interviews were completed. All data (quant/qual) was analyzed, key findings were extracted and new a hypothesis was generated to be tested in further studies.

Outcome: This foundational research was essential in guiding concept development for several product initiatives. Curious differences were uncovered in how parents and adolescents think about threats and risks online, and a new framework for understanding and segmenting parent customers was developed and used in future research.

My Role: As Lead researcher, I collaborated with cross-functional stakeholders to develop the recruitment, survey instrument and discussion guides. Stakeholders took notes, analyzed data and helped to construct a findings document. The findings were presented both by myself from a research perspective, and by the stakeholder teams as part of their product vision presentations.