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3D Virtual Spaces (& VR)
3D Virtual Spaces (& VR)

Challenge: 3D virtual spaces are gaining traction as environments for virtual online events, training and education, and as private meeting spaces. The hubs team at Mozilla was seeking to better understand what types of interactions are engaging, and which are challenging especially for those new to VR spaces. Working remotely allowed participants from Israel, US, Germany and the UK to participate in this work, but the testing setup was challenging.

Process: A range of participants who currently owned some type of VR equipment with a variety of backgrounds and professions, were recruited for a 45min remote interview. Participant bodies were recorded on their laptop webcam, while their screen was captured as a separate session in the meeting. Participants walked through several VR interactions while in their headset, and outside their headset.

Outcome: Documented design and interaction challenges led directly to experience improvements and the wide range of equipment, geos and skill levels provided directional data to guide a variety of product strategies.

My Role: As Lead Researcher, I recruited all participants from relevant Discord channels, planned and conducted all interviews, synthesized all data, and reported all findings to various stakeholder teams.