Figurative Works > Trendlines

A series of drawn visual representations of support and resistance in a time frame. They show direction,speed and patterns of contraction.

This work is part of a group show titled "Essential Marks", on view December 16 - 18, 2022 at The Drawing Studio, 3614 SE Division St, Portland, OR 97202

Each work starts with a living human. In the beginning, the lines carefully follow along in depicting an accurate summation of recognizable forms. Quickly though, the lines diverge, converge, intersect and wander as visual detritus takes hold at the fringe. Each piece is a container of 3-hours in time; all is included in the translations. What is thought, felt, seen, smelled, degraded, layered, cut, loved, hated, erased, rewritten and reformed, all are welcome. There is such freedom here, yet even in glorifying randomness, we seek and therefore find meaning and structure. Do we create knowledge, seek it, or find it? Does it even matter? There is nothing here, or everything.