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VR Apps UX Heuristic Testing
VR Apps UX Heuristic Testing

Challenge: VR hype of 2017 created opportunities for early adoption – if developers could get products out to market quickly. Indie developers have little cash, knowledge or time to conduct formal UX studies - so they needed a way to get a good amount of UX feedback without relying on traditional means of recruitment.

Process: Early VR adopters from a variety of backgrounds and professions, came together to conduct heuristic UX testing for 30+ VR applications. Using word of mouth and referrals, testers were vetted to be competent to provide ux design feedback, able to cobble together a system for recording a vr session, and had to posses VR equipment (in many forms).

Outcome: This loose structure enabled early development of VR applications to be available upon hardware release - thus enabling consumers to use their newly purchased gear. A new company was formed (FishbowlVR) that now exists to formally recruit and test VR applications for a variety of top names (Netflix, UbiSoft, etc.)

My Role: I was a UX Method Adviser for Geoff Skow (Founder of FishBowlVR) as well as a heuristic UX Tester for 30+ VR experiences. I also received a grant for further research into VR creators and developers as a result of this work.

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