Landscape Explorations > Obsessive repetition & meditative memorials

Show runs April 6 - 29, 2017 @Gallery114, Portland Oregon.

"Obsessive Repetitions & Meditative Memorials," represents artifacts of an artist attempting to push back against an explosive year of small screen image bombardment. Relying on meditative principles of mindfulness and repetition, each image attempts to maintain peaceful well-being and contemplation while living through an unprecedented push from social media channels attempting to hijack, anger and create disruption. “there is so much talk about empathy now, and I feel if I don’t become angry for every image I’m shown of unfairness, war, racial tension, that I will be deemed a bad person, or uncaring. All of these images viewed from my smartphone…all demanding my attention and creating in me such despair. In this series of work, I developed a hundred or so small paintings…each a practice in meditation, to uncover what truly matters and to find beauty in small images.

Collection of 40 paintings
Collection of 40 paintings