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Packaging Assessments
Packaging Assessments

Challenge: A technology device is releasing soon, and a client needs the right packaging to promote correct usage for this new device type.

Process: Prototype packages are developed in collaboration with ID designer. Generating a list of packaging ideas, several prototypes are constructed with paper and foam core. Packaging ideas are quickly assessed in-house by setting up a booth in the lunch room to assess viability. Iterations are then moved through quickly until a few winners stand out. 1-1 interviews are then scheduled with recruited participants, typical usage scenarios are tested, as well as gauging appeal, and evaluated in relation to recycling concerns.

Outcome: Packaging was refined quickly and key insights collected and retained for future packaging solutions.

My Role: As lead researcher, I work closely with ID design folks, packaging design experts, and other stakeholders to design and conduct research. I synthesize data points, provide actionable recommendations and share out results to a research repository with other internal researchers.