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Bringing New Products to Market
Bringing New Products to Market

Challenge: Technology manufacturers are interested in evaluating a few concepts to decide which if any should be brought to market. It is costly to manufacture even simple prototypes, so stakeholders need directional data to quickly assess viability.

Process: Secondary research for similar usages is collected to establish market landscapes, key theories and concepts. Several lo-fi prototypes are created quickly from foam core to get devices into human hands to assess appeal and potential usages. Viable usages and concepts are collaboratively defined in cross-functional teams. The resulting ideas are evaluated in a survey, multi-geo, to early adopters focusing on users aligned to potential concept usages. 1-1 interviews are conducted with usage task components using lo-fi prototypes to evaluate appeal, collect usage feedback and analyze where concept might fit in a users life. Concept is evaluated in focus groups and/or workshops to collect both usages and design considerations and generate further ideas. Concept is further refined based on feedback from all data sources. Each concept may go through several iterations of the above methodologies until concept is deemed a viable product and given a road map or abandoned.

Outcome: Collaborating closely with cross-functional teams allows iterations of concepts to move quickly through several research methodologies. This framework for research is effective at providing deep insights into developing minimum viable products.

My Role: As lead researcher, I drive innovation using data-driven storytelling. I design and conduct iterative rounds of research by maintaining creative relationships with stakeholders, synthesizing data points, constructing product story lines and maintaining a customer focused product development lifecycle.