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Retail Shopping
Retail Shopping

Challenge: Retail environments are a key touch point in shopper lives, especially for technology devices. Shoppers use a variety of tools including those in-store (signage, store apps, salespeople) as well as from their phones (online reviews, price comparison sites, coupon sites). Mapping the journey of a customer through a retail experience was key to creating delight.

Process: Shoppers in the market for a new device, were met in-store and allowed to shop. Mostly observational in nature, this method allowed insights into what elements are useful, appealing and critical for purchasing products in-store. As well as where opportunities and challenges still exist.

Outcome: These ongoing research projects help to inform clients of where in the customer journey improvements need to be made. Evaluating and comparing different store types and customer types is also key in uncovering opportunities.

My Role: I continue to be the lead research, designing and conducting all research across a variety of stores and locations. I also synthesize the data points with my clients and build the resulting stories to be presented to management.