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Business Partner Administration Application
Business Partner Administration Application

Challenge: Auto-Owners Insurance works closely with agencies to write and maintain new business. Maintaining userid's and password access to their online systems was being handled through phone and fax.This project was to create an online administration system, including a variety of security levels and an ability to maintain access to any company service.

Process: Working on a weekly cadence of stakeholder meetings, several stages of product build were completed in sprints using an Agile like process. Full product life cycle took 8 months.

Outcome: My application design was well received and data analysts placed the time efficiency at 75% improvement to customers and company.

My role: I facilitated persona building & journey mapping workshops with key stakeholders, conducted contextual interviews with customers & stakeholders, iterated designs in Axure and conducted usability testing for each design iteration. I also handled stakeholder collaboration, project management and provided recommendations and final reports.