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Device Usage Trends Analysis
Device Usage Trends Analysis

Challenge: Analyze device usage trends to uncover potential disrupters and new features.

Process: In the mobile device space, cutting edge companies are constantly searching for the next trend setting device. A new device category is an expensive proposition so data integrity and breadth is extremely important. After a handful of planning meetings to determine project scope, key questions, targeted segmentation and business goals, I worked with a vendor for recruitment and online survey moderation. I designed a international survey focused on customer usages, pain points and desires around a variety of common mobile tasks as well as purchase priorities. Using similar questions, I designed discussion guides for two 15 person focus groups and 15 individual, contextual interviews.

Outcome: Reports of my findings were key to driving new product initiatives and design iterations.

My role: Research design, facilitator, stakeholder collaboration, data collection and analysis, recommendations and report