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Billing Web Application
Billing Web Application

Challenge: Billing support system existed on a mainframe. It was hard to maintain, hard to use and technology was becoming obsolete. Data analytics had seemed to uncover a disparity in support rep efficiency, as a number of reps had fewer calls completed, and each call was 35% longer than average.

Process: After several stakeholder meetings to clarify objectives, existing data points and business goals, I conducted several observational studies on the current billing system.These findings clarified the disparaging data regarding support rep efficiency and directly affected future design iterations. On a weekly cadence, I designed, usability tested and reported findings. Features were added on slowly, until the system included all required functionality and tested well.

Outcome: System design was a driving force in education and mentoring support reps,as well as monitoring performance. New application was more efficient and reduced time to task, and provided key performance indicators lacking in the old system. 4 support reps not only kept their jobs but were elevated to mentors in their department.

My role: Research design, contextual interviews, observational studies, product design, usability testing, stakeholder collaboration, data collection and analysis, recommendations and reports