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Design Guidelines: Form Factor & Web
Design Guidelines: Form Factor & Web

Challenge: Consistency is important in product & web design. Developing design guidelines serves as a reminder during design changes, a starting point for new designs, and an educational tool for new users. Guidelines must be easy to understand, easy to implement, and change to reflect new environments and technologies. I have been a stakeholder in design guideline builds for two companies.

Process: I conducted informational interviews to gather intelligence and build a team willing to communicate guidelines, be involved in maintenance and contribute to first iterations. I researched available technologies for storing guidelines and researched how other companies tackled this issue.

Outcome: Guidelines were crucial for streamlining development processes and maintaining consistent look and feel of digital systems. Most importantly, the guidelines were structured to be a living document - encouraging engagement with company stakeholders to keep information fresh and relevant.

My Role: I created the guideline in the form of websites, presentations, and online documents, and also created a process for maintenance, handling questions, educating new users, making changes, and a yearly review of branding and marketing.